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Perfect happiness, a novel, Kristyn Kusek Lewis

Perfect happiness, a novel, Kristyn Kusek Lewis
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Perfect happiness
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Kristyn Kusek Lewis
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a novel
"Charlotte McGanley knows happiness. Just ask anyone who's read Perfect Happiness, her bestselling book about how she, a busy mother and professor, used her no-nonsense positive psychology research to brighten her own life. She always pictured her career beginning and ending in the halls of academia, but now she's become a bit of a self-help guru. No one is more surprised by this than Charlotte herself, who has secretly never been more miserable. Though her husband of many years, Jason, is her partner in all things, she finds more gratification most evenings in a glass (or three) of Chardonnay or another scroll through her Instagram feed. Meanwhile, their daughter, Birdie, is feeling the pressure of being her high school's star tennis player, keeping up her GPA, and having her first boyfriend - and Charlotte, despite all her expertise, has no idea how to help her. As Charlotte preaches the gospel of happiness to her undergraduate students, audiences across the country, and her own online followers, she's faced with some tough questions: What is happiness when the family you've nurtured starts to fall apart in front of your eyes? When your daughter seems determined to self-destruct? When the man you thought you'd spend the rest of your life with - and took for granted because of it - gets fed up? When all of the tools that you push to your loyal followers just don't seem to work?"--Publisher
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