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Mine : a novel of obsession, J. L. Butler

Mine : a novel of obsession, J. L. Butler
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Mine : a novel of obsession
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J. L. Butler
Divorce lawyer Francine Day is one big case away from securing her place among London's legal elite. She has spent years methodically building her career but her work ethic isn't enough to keep her from falling for her charismatic and suave new client, Martin Joy. She knows it's wrong, but Francine can't help herself even if their blistering affair breaks every professional rule. But something about her new lover doesn't add up. Martin insists his marriage is over, but when Francine sees Martin and his soon-to-be-ex, Donna, on a romantic night out together, she is devastated. That evening is the last time that Donna Joy is seen alive. How did Donna vanish, where has she gone, and why did Francine wake up in her neighbor's flat with blood on her clothes? As media interest in Donna escalates, and Martin becomes the prime suspect in his wife's disappearance, Francine finds herself caught in a labyrinth of deception, lies, and secrets, in which one false move could lead to her undoing. The further Francine goes to find answers, the tighter the net seems to draw - until her career, her professional reputation, and her life are in danger
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