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Eggs in a casket, Laura Childs

Eggs in a casket, Laura Childs
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Eggs in a casket
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Laura Childs
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Cackleberry Club mysteries
"While Petra handles the breakfast rush at the Cackleberry Club, the café's other two owners, Suzanne and Toni, head to Memorial Cemetery to help prepare for its 150th- anniversary celebration. But as they search the winding paths for the historical society tent, they discover something else out of place: the body of ex-prison warden Lester Drummond lying facedown in someone else's freshly dug grave. In the small town of Kindred, everyone knows everyone, and Lester was no exception. Suzanne knew him as the creepy guy who made unwanted advances on her friend Missy Langston. But now it appears the man was hiding a few secrets...and at least one of them was worth killing for"--, Provided by publisher
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