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Small treasons, a novel, Mark Powell

Small treasons, a novel, Mark Powell
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Small treasons
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Mark Powell
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a novel
"Tess Maynard's life is coming apart. At home with her three young children in her husband's small north Georgia hometown, she is steadily becoming obsessed with an American journalist captured in Syria and being held by ISIS, sensing an eerie resonance between his captivity and her own. Meanwhile, the life of her husband is also beginning to unravel. John Maynard is a psychologist working as a college counselor. But in a former life-a life that becomes his obsession-he worked as a government contractor at a CIA black site in Eastern Europe where suspected terrorists, and one innocent civilian, were tortured. Now the Justice Department is threatening an investigation, but not if John will cooperate in an ongoing operation: a professor at the college where he works is rumored to be involved with an organization masking a militant group. As John and Tess work to salvage their life together a young man in Atlanta is slowly becoming radicalized-groomed by the professor John is meant to report on-to fight not in Syria but at home in the US. Eventually all three lives intersect, with devastating consequences"--, Provided by publisher