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False positive, a novel, Andrew Grant

False positive, a novel, Andrew Grant
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False positive
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Andrew Grant
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a novel
"It's a desperate race against the clock. Detective Demonbruen and his temporary partner, Jan Loflin, seek a missing six-year-old foster child. Demonbruen, himself a survivor of the foster system, is haunted by his own brutal childhood and the death of his father. He labors under a cloud of suspicion, determined to find the missing boy before it's too late. But are his motives really pure? His record is a minefield of red flags and question marks: how is a Birmingham cop able to afford a Porsche, a penthouse, and a summer cabin? Why does he have so much success with the petty criminals who form his network of confidential informants? And is there a legitimate explanation for the multiple excessive-force complaints on his jacket?"--, Provided by publisher
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