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What is poetry? (just kidding, I know you know), interviews from the Poetry Project Newsletter, 1983-2009, edited by Anselm Berrigan

What is poetry? (just kidding, I know you know), interviews from the Poetry Project Newsletter, 1983-2009, edited by Anselm Berrigan
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What is poetry? (just kidding, I know you know)
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edited by Anselm Berrigan
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interviews from the Poetry Project Newsletter, 1983-2009
"The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church was founded in 1966 for the overlapping circles of poets in the Lower East Side of New York. These interviews from The Poetry Project Newsletter form a kind of conversation over time between some of the late 20th century's most influential poets and artists, who have come together in this legendary venue over the past 50 years. Includes interviews with Charles North, Anne Waldman, Bernadette Mayer, David Rattray, Allen Ginsberg, Kenneth Koch, Harryette Mullen, Barbara Henning, David Henderson, Lisa Jarnot, Alice Notley, Ed Sanders, Samuel Delany, Harry Matthews, Victor Hernandez Cruz, Renee Gladman, Lorenzo Thomas, Fred Moten, Stan Brakhage, Alex Katz, Lewis Warsh, Ron Padgett, Maggie Nelson, Wayne Koestenbaum, Eileen Myles, and more. "I find it one of the liveliest points of communication in the American poetry world. There is an incredible excitement to come to the church and read one's poems to the many other poets who congregate there, drawn to the church by its own energy and thrust."--Donald Hall From the introduction, by Anselm Berrigan: For the poets closely involved with the Poetry Project since, and subsequent to, its inception, the interviews were an opportunity to speak directly to a community one could perceive as known, imaginary, expanding, unwieldy, intermittent, formative, desperately necessary, and sometimes peculiarly unsatisfying all at once. Community being the kind of term that often implies everything and nothing simultaneously, with the bottom falling out of the word depending on who happens to be wielding it. Poets can be particularly adept at using and exposing such terms"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
The N.Y. poetry scene, short form / Charles North -- Talking with Red Grooms: an interview by Anne Waldman -- Translation as puzzle and performance: an interview with Paul Schmidt by Tim Dlugos -- The colors of consonance: Bernadette Mayer talks...with Ken Jordan -- Taking risks seriously: David Rattray talks...with Ken Jordan -- Allen Ginsburg & Kenneth Koch: from a conversation -- An interview with Harryette Mullen by Barbara Henning -- An interview with David Henderson by Lisa Jarnot -- An interview with Alice Notley by Judith Goldman -- An interview with John Godfrey by Lisa Jarnot -- An interview with Ed Sanders by Lisa Jarnot -- An interview with Victor Hernández Cruz by Sheila Alson -- An interview with Bernadette Mayer by Lisa Jarnot -- An interview with Kenneth Koch by Daniel Kane -- A silent interview with Samuel R. Delany -- To Buffalo and back with Renee Gladman: interview by Magdalena Zurawski -- A conversation with Lorenzo Thomas by Dale Smith -- An interview with Fred Moten by Ange Mlinko -- Lisa Jarnot interviews Stan Brakhage -- Interview with Charles North by Ange Mlinko -- "Surprise each other": Anne Waldman on collaboration by Lisa Berman -- Interview with Alex Katz by Vincent Katz -- Adventures in poetry: an interview with Larry Fagin by Daniel Kane -- Tina Darragh interviewed by Marcella Durand -- Lewis Warsh interviewed by Peter Bushyeager -- Jack Collins talks...with Marcella Durand -- Anne Waldman talks...with Marcella Durand -- Edwin Torres talks...with Marcella Durand -- Harry Matthews reveals the Inside Story to Marcella Durand -- Brenda Coultas tells the truth to Marcella Durand -- Akilah Oliver talks to Rachel Levitsky -- Will Alexander: a profound investigation with Marcella Durand -- Ron Padgett lifts off, with Edmund Berrigan -- Wayne Koestenbaum and Maggie Nelson in conversation -- Knowing isn't enough: a conversation with John Trudell by Brendan Lorber -- An interview with Ted Greenwald by Arlo Quint -- An interview with Eileen Myles by Greg Fuchs -- Interview: 10 questions for Bruce Andrews and Sally Silvers by erica kaufman
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