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The golden season, Madeline Kay Sneed

The golden season, Madeline Kay Sneed
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The golden season
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Madeline Kay Sneed
Emmy is West Texas through and through: she loves the land, she loves her hometown, she loves football, both professional and her town's high school team, the 'Stangs. She also knows she's a lesbian, and in her Southern Baptist evangelical community, that's going to be an issue, both for Emmy and her amicably separated parents, Lucy and Steve. After a disastrous conversation with her dad, Emmy meets Cameron, a whip-smart grad student from Massachusetts with bright eyes and a cute undercut who hates everything Texas. But Texas is in Emmy's blood. Can she build a future with someone who can't accept the things that make Emmy who she is? Steve Quinn has just been offered his dream job as head coach of the struggling 'Stangs. The board's CEO tells him he shouldn't accept the position if he's got any skeletons in his closet. Steve is still wrestling with Emmy's coming out: he just can't reconcile it with his faith. How can God ask him to choose between his dreams and his own daughter?
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