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The rumor, a novel by Elin Hilderbrand

The rumor, a novel by Elin Hilderbrand
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The rumor
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a novel by Elin Hilderbrand
Nantucket writer Madeline King has a new novel coming out, The Rumor, and it's got bestseller potential. But Madeline is terrified, because in her desperation to revive her career, she's done the unthinkable: The Rumor reveals the truth behind an actual affair involving her best friend, Grace. And that's not the only strain on Madeline and Grace's friendship; one fateful night, the two women argue, voicing jealousies and resentments that have built for twenty years. Bereft of each other, they get caught in the snares of a mysterious and destructive stranger. Their fate hinges on The Rumor--and the secret it reveals
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