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Winter work, Dan Fesperman

Winter work, Dan Fesperman
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Winter work
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Dan Fesperman
"Winter Work is an exhilarating spy thriller set in East Germany after the fall of Berlin Wall, about a Stasi officer investigating the murder of a colleague who is helped by Claire Saylor. Emil Grimm, a Stasi colonel, has decamped to his dacha in the woods outside of Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall. On a walk one morning, he discovers the body of a fellow intelligence officer with whom he was involved in a clandestine mission. Now Emil is forced to pick up the pieces of their plan and follow through alone while under the newfound scrutiny of his colleagues. Soon Emil is connected with CIA agent Claire Saylor who is on the ground in Berlin to collect what she can of the valuable intelligence that has been freed up because of the chaotic government transition to unify Germany. As they delve deeper into the world of the murdered officer, it becomes clear that there are secrets deeper than either of them can imagine, and that while the rules of the game have begun to change, the stakes of the Cold War are still high"--, Provided by publisher
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